Services That Address Your Data General Needs

We provide services to meet the diverse range of customer needs.  By combining experience, in-house legacy systems, our own off-the-shelf products and other resources, we can handle any client need.

System-From-Hell Migration

We can help other DG users who were previously "locked in" to legacy hardware and software. With our new emulation and hardware interface tools we can modernize the most challenging real-time, hardware-based system to the most vendor-interdependent commercial application.

VS/COBOL Migration

Wild Hare's combination of extensive in-depth DG experience, COBOL language and utility products and proven project-based methodology has resulted in successful migrations worldwide. Wild Hare emphasizes carefully architected, cost-effective solutions that provide a strong basis for future application evolution.

Wild Hare may also provide migration assistance and toolsets for those companies which have the internal resources to perform the migrations themselves, but wish the help of experienced "migranauts" in setting up an effective strategy.

ICOBOL Migration

Since Wild Hare's Choice! runtime system directly executes DG-compatible ICOBOL program (.PD/.DD) files and ISAM (.NX/.XD) files, so there is technically no "migration" for ICOBOL transitions. All you need to do is transfer the the program and data files to the new target system and run them with the appropriate Choice! software. However, sometimes companies wish professional assistance in setting up the target's application environment. Again, Wild Hare can provide the services to save time, frustration and money.

Media Conversion

Wild Hare maintains legacy and modern computer equipment in-house that can read a wide range of physical 9-track tape, cartridge tape, floppy diskette and removable hard disk formats. We can transfer data from these different media to media more appropriate for modern systems, such as CD-ROM and DVD.

Data Recovery

As an extension to our media conversion capabilities, we have specially modified hardware that can read out-of-specification 9-track magnetic tape. This has proved invaluable for preserving old historical data contained on tapes and transferring them to modern CD-ROM format.

Data Extraction

Sometimes legacy data contained on old media needs to be transferred and converted to formats usable by modern software. Yup, "we can do".

AOS/VS Support

Still running AOS/VS or AOS/VS II?
We can keep these systems running or develop upgrade solutions for you.


Some clients wish to have a custom training syllabus created and administered to show how to best use Wild Hare products for their specific applications. Classes may be held at the Wild Hare offices or at the client site, and are typically from three (3) to five (5) days long depending upon content and detail.

Restoring, Preserving, Archiving

We have been selected as the official legacy repository by several vendors who wanted the corporate, legal and historical benefits of preserving their history. Their company software products, documentation, and sales and technical information have been transferred from their corresponding sources to modern CD-ROM or DVD backup medias. Any of this cataloged information is available for viewing or re-creation on any appropriate modern platform, and provides all of these benefits at while taking up virtually no physical storage space.