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The Axis COBOL compiler lets you compile ICOBOL programs on virtually any computer and operating system. It compiles DG-compatible Interactive COBOL source programs into .PD/.DD object files, and maintains complete binary compatibility with Data General systems.

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Wild Hare's Axis compiler lets you develop Data General Interactive COBOL programs on any popular platform. It compiles DG-compatible COBOL source programs into DG-compatible .PD/.DD object files; these files can then run on any system that runs Choice! or Data General's own COBOL runtime system. With Axis you can develop COBOL programs on one system and run them on any other system without modification.

Axis supports all standard Data General ICOBOL features, such as SCREEN SECTION, CALL PROGRAM, LINKAGE SECTION, menu handling and data entry. It also supports many powerful new features including windows, hot keys, full display attribute/color control, timed ACCEPTS and large program sizes that can give programs new dimensions. This lets your past software investment work for your future.