Virtualization Tools: neoNOVA

neoNOVA emulates Nova CPUs along with disk, tape, and other peripherals

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neoNOVA replaces the Nova CPU and popular DG disk drives, tape drives and other peripherals. The board slides into a standard DG 15" x 15"-compatible chassis slot and acts like a Nova CPU with user-specified disk drive, tape drive and other standard DG peripherals. Disk and tape drives and media are replaced by modern MMC and SD memory technology, insuring a reliable, legacy-compatible path to the future. Retained custom user interfaces remain unchanged, combining modern technology benefits with legacy systems. This allows replacing the CPU and common peripherals in a system while retaining the custom user interfaces and connections, combining modern technology with legacy systems. This extends life for old systems in-place, preserving precious hardware and software investment. neoNOVA